Monday, July 2, 2012

Peaceful sleeplessness

Unable to sleep, I'm sitting here in front of this computer screen reflecting on the tumultuist storm over the past two months in my life.  I'm feeling neither happy nor sad at this time, strange as it sounds, I feel blessed.  I feel blessed for the experiences that I have gone through and coming out the other side with a new appreciation for the balance between life and death.  I'm at Peace for the moment and hope it lasts for a long time. During the storm I wanted to blog, but I was not in a good place.  I felt it would just have been an ugly self pity and anger rant about my frustrations, wouldn't have done anybody any good, and turned off all my following of three people...including myself.  Now, as I type this and will eventually post I wonder if what I have to say in the future about my experiences will be of help or benefit to anybody.  I hope it will.  If not only to learn that other people have the same stuggles as I do and that we all are a part of humanity.