Friday, January 25, 2013

The true cost of going organic Part 2

As promised, I would include the many great things you can get from fresh raw organic milk.  Today it is cream.  Rich delightful cream to make butter, sour cream, and ice cream!  Ice cream is my personal favorite, but you'll have to keep coming back for that story.  To harvest the cream I use a couple of old one gallon sun tea containers that were setting around my parents house doing nothing.  Those lazy bums were not going to get away with just taking up space in their household when they could be put to good work in my household producing delicious cream.  Here is a picture of them full of fresh raw milk.

These two workers have a very stressful job of hanging out in the fridge and having their innards poured out of them from the bottom while the cream floats to the top.  After a day or two The milk and cream start to separate.  If you look real close you can see a line that separates the cream and milk.  I ladle this cream off and put it into jars.   As you can see, or maybe not see from the two gallons of milk above, I ended up with about 4 cups of cream.  The tall jar is a pint and a half the short jar is a pint.This cream was ladled off after...maybe 12 hours and is what I would consider light cream.  Now for the payoff.  As it was figured before on Milk Part 1, There was already a savings on the milk, so everything we get is additional savings.  16 oz non-organic cream at the grocery store  was $2.99.  Wow I have two of those for a savings of $5.98.  I just paid for a gallon of fresh South Pork Ranch Milk! 

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