Sunday, February 19, 2012

Inspiration from near and afar

My first attempt at blogging has been inspired by a friend and I might say extended family Donna O.  at  Donna and her husband Keith are organic farmers here in the midwest with a farmstore that everone should visit.  I have been there often along with her great and insightful blog.  Enough about them...but do please visit them as well as myself as much as possible.

As for the name of my blog.  Which I will get to sometime in the blog, because my mind, my life and my stride is a stroller.  I'm getting there...just not always the most direct route...As many of us have parents which are getting older and their health issues mount, I find myself up in Wisconsin again in the hospital for another family visit.  I so much enjoy the visits at their home, but more and more it seems like their are two homes.  Back to the name of the blog.  Well, here in Wisconsin, where most people hate FIBS...LOL my parents have a black squirrel that visits their apple trees in their backyard.  Spent about half an hour this morning with my aunt, that would be my mother's twin sister, watching the black squirrel eat the apples that didn't get picked from last fall.  So there it is...Mulling the thought of starting a blog for several weeks that was inspired by Donna O. at  on a trip to Wisconsin to visit my parents at their "second" home is the beginning of a Blog.  How about them apples?

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  1. Well of course since you have dropped my name so many times (gratitude..indebted...etc...)I must be your first follower and your first comment on your first blog. Now, If I could just figure out who you are. Are you the person staring at me through the window right now? Nevermind, it's just my husband wondering if I'll ever get off this computer and cook for him again. I'm guessing No.

    Good luck ! Blog on!