Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Little Universal World

Oh the simple beauty of it. Beautiful are its lines and curves. It just makes you want to spin your top. Literally that is. I get all excited when I’m sent to the grocery store because…right next door is my favorite kind of store. The resale shop!!! Nothing delights me more than rummaging through another’s trash, to find my treasure. In the day of age when electricity and power is king I came across this little gem.
Be gone…Space Invaders…Good bye Star Wars, black holes, quantum physics be damned. Dr. Who, you and your TARDIS are no longer needed in this world.
Time and Relative Dimension in Space is sitting right here on my dining room table. Skeptical? Well here’s the proof, it does come from a different time, and it’s relative to this blog, it has dimensions in space, in this case, the dining room table. OK it’s not blue, and doesn’t make all those cool noises, but it will let me know that all is right in the world. It’s very complicated to operate. Hey! Simpleton Time Lords…My TARDIS takes a little more effort than just a simple biological imprint to operate…IT TAKES PIECES TO OPERATE!
I carefully place the pieces into the universe and…
With eager anticipation…I contemplate string theory physics…among other things like…
will the vertically spinning rotor turn on its vertical axis with enough speed and mass to influence the static position of the previous placed pieces through the equation Tp= 4 pi2 Is / Q Ts where Is is the moment of intertia, Ts is the period of the rotor, and Q is the applied torque - turning power of weight - of rotor…deep breath…in other words...Will the top knock over the pins? Whew! The result of the equation…
5 points+ 5 points + 10 points = 20 points…your turn and all will be right in the world.

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  1. I have never in my life seen this game. You just cooked up yourself out of leftover stuff in your basement didn't you?